Why Moxie?

With all the changes in the world . . . in education  . . . in technology, we need something to keep up with what our children need for learning, particularly if a child has challenges.  What we need is a little moxie.  With learning challenges, you need a lot of moxie.

Merriam-Webster gives us three definitions of Moxie

  1. Energy, Pep
  2. Courage, Determination
  3. Know-How

Kids, for the most part, are natural-born learners.  They are taking it all in and gaining skills from the moment they are born. But some kids have learning challenges that will trip them up at some point.  Some kids have lots of challenges that will make many areas of their lives a struggle.  And it doesn’t help that we live in a rapidly changing world.  It’s hard to tell when all the new educational approaches are helping and when they are hurting.  Heck, it’s hard to understand the next “new math” approach.  And even the scientists aren’t sure what the new technology is doing to our brains.

When your head starts to swim with all this, you need a little moxie.  That’s where I come in. I bring  the moxie.  I have spent the last 25 years evaluating learning and developmental challenges in children, youth and adults.  Everything from giftedness to multiple learning disabilities, from head injury to “horse of a different color” (because some kids are quite unique, but does that need a diagnosis?).    It can be heart wrenching for parents when a child struggles with school or friendships.  What has seemed to come naturally to other children is hard for this child.   Why?  And what can be done?  That’s my job.  To figure out the “why” (if possible, because the brain continues to hold many mysteries), then to figure out what can be done. And the answers are a varied as the kids themselves.

I like to dig deep.  Learning does not just happen in the classroom or just in the brain.  Learning requires an integration of the environment, the brain and the body.  Family history, personal history, medical history – each may (or may not) play a part in the challenge.  Learningmoxie will delve into all of these.

I hope this blog will start conversations about learning and the things that help and hinder the process. I want Learningmoxie to be a resource for parents when they need information about basic learning fundamentals, as well as when they need help with learning challenges that their children face.

Just so you know, the word, Moxie, came from the name of a patent nerve medicine developed in the late 1800’s.  It was developed to treat, among other things, “softening of the brain.”  Moxie was later developed into a soda that is still sold in New England today.  The word “moxie” slowly entered American lexicon and got some great connotations.  We all need a little energy, a little determination and a little know-how, just like Dorothy needed a little brains, a little heart and a little courage when she was in Oz.

I hope you will join me on this path.

Thanks,  Robin McEvoy, Ph.D.