Buddy, A Story for Dyslexia

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Meet Buddy, a little bird who can fly, catch worms, and even build a nest. But when it come to singing, he is not as good as the rest. Buddy shares his frustrations, learns from his special teacher, and rejoices with everyone in his final triumph. It is a story that parallels the challenges of dyslexia, as well as the path through those challenges.

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Buddy, A Story for Dyslexia

Written by Robin McEvoy, Ph.D.,
Illustrated by Tessa McEvoy


Proceeds from Buddy will be put to two good uses. Part of the proceeds will go to the illustrator’s college fund. The other part will be used to finance reading remediation for low income children with dyslexia or other reading challenges. To read more about how Buddy is supporting reading skills, check in at www.learningmoxie.com.

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About Tessa McEvoy

Tessa McEvoy is a high school freshman. Like children with dyslexia, she has struggled with her own challenges. She had a severe speech impairment that prevented her from speaking until age four and affects her articulation to this day. While her speech was delayed, her artistic interests and talents emerged early. Drawing and creating held her interest for hours even as a preschooler. She enjoys cartooning and has a small origami business. She has won recognition for her art. Her origami earrings have been carried in several stores, including the gift shop at the Denver Art Museum. You can follow her artwork on her Instagram account, World_of_Weirdo. You can find out more about her origami at www.origamibytessa.com. Despite all of her artistic talents, she still wants to be an astronaut.